Which of the Four Camping Styles is for You?

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Camping has been a favorite pastime for a long time. The traveling lifestyle that many of our ancestors wanted so much to give up, has been adopted by many. With the advent of the automobile, in the early 20th century, many people had even more opportunity to hit the open road, and today, thousands still travel and camp in styles ranging from the most primitive to the most luxurious.

While you are searching for campsites or dreaming of possibilities, it pays to consider up front what style of camping will suit you the best.  Use this easy guide to help start you on the path to the most enjoyable camping experience!

Which of the Four Camping Styles is for You?

Primitive Camping

Primitive camping is an art, and for people who are up to the challenge, it’s the only way to camp. Nothing gets an individual closer to nature than sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground and cooking food over an open fire.  Carrying your home with you wherever you go, you can find accommodations at state parks or just about anywhere that will permit camping.

For many this is more than a form of camping, it is also a challenge and a source of pride in their own personal survival abilities.  If you love to hike or just want to escape to the wild, this style is for you!

Pop Up Campers

When the highways came into being and families began to buy cars, camping trailers soon followed. In the beginning, hotels were found only in cities and motels were non-existent. New travelers were thrilled to be able to pull their housing behind them.

Today, pop up campers and other smaller campers, some of which fit onto the beds of trucks, are still popular. These can range in size from the smallest one person vintage trailer to the ultra pop ups that sleep an entire family.

Pop up campers are perfect for those who want to have the flexibility to stop at a motel if the mood strikes.  They are also great for impromptu getaways and most easily fit onto a standard campsite.

Recreational Vehicles (RV)

For those that want to hit the open road but don’t necessarily want to leave the comforts of home, an RV is the method of choice. These homes on wheels provide a true home away from home for the camper who isn’t really into “roughing it.”

RV’s can be a bit more expensive as fuel costs are generally higher and hook-up sites on camp grounds do cost more than a tent or pop up camper spot.  There’s also the added expense of renting an RV if you don’t own one.  Some camp ground have stationery RV’s available for rental on their property if you just want the luxury without having to drive the RV.


Cabins were one of the first methods of camping along the highways and byways. They are still a great way to spend a week or two away from home.

You’ll find cabins are equipped with basic necessities for the kitchen and bedrooms, and are normally found in the most scenic spots near lakes, mountains and rivers. For the camper who wants to take very little along with them, this is the best choice.

And of course there is one additional category that is very trendy at the moment:


Glamping is the term for “glamorous camping”.  Camp sites and resorts offer luxurious amenities during your escape to the great outdoors.  Everything from private beaches, on-site spas and personal tours are available during your glamping adventure.

For those who do not enjoy camping but still want the chance to go off grid and connect with nature, glamping can be a very fun and posh experience.

Whatever the mode of camping you choose, the object is to get out, enjoy nature, and see some new territory.  One of these camping styles is sure to suit your style!

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