3 Ways To Unwind Your Mind

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, we find ourselves rushing all the time. It seems there is never enough time for everything. Our mind races just trying to keep up with what’s on our to-do list.  Add a little travel into that mix and you may find that your mind is on overload!

Ever find yourself wide awake prior to a trip, mentally going over every detail?  Or how about unable to rest after a day full of visiting historical hot spots because you just cannot unwind your mind.

The mind, being pushed and stressed, becomes so accustomed to racing that it can be difficult to unwind. At night you may notice this more than any other time. Laying down to sleep, many find that their mind can’t shut off, but goes through the days events or the worries run over and over through the brain.

3 Ways To Unwind Your Mind

Finding a way to unwind the mind is as important, if perhaps not more important, than remembering to take your vitamins.  So, how do you unwind your mind?  See if one of these three clever tricks helps you out:

Learn to meditate.

One thing that you can do to unwind the mind is meditate. This lets you relax, let go of your worries, and helps you to become balanced in your life.

There are several types of meditation, including transcendental meditation, guided imagery and a myriad of other ways.  You can access a wealth of meditation apps and videos while you’re traveling on your smart phone or tablet.

Learning to meditate is actually easy, sticking to it can be difficult. You have to carve out at least 10-15 minutes a day to meditate. But, if you do start, you will begin to see a big difference in not only how your mind relates to the world, but how you will be able to handle stress itself.

Create your own spa time.

Taking a warm bath with relaxing scents is another great way to unwind your mind. Using scents like lavender, clary sage, and lemon grass can help to relax the mind and body.

The warm bath will automatically begin to relax you, and the scents will help you to unwind your mind.  Bring some of your favorite aromatherapy essential oils on your trip to use in your bath at the end of a long vacation day.

If you are still at home, you can also use these scents in pot with warm water set to steam slowly throughout the day, making you whole home not only smell great, but become a relaxing atmosphere for everyone.

Walk it off.

Take a 10 minute walk and just allow yourself to be surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells that you encounter. This can be done quite easily. Walk to the store for small items or simply stroll along your hotel walking path (most of them have one.)  Don’t want to venture outside, visit the hotel’s workout center and take a short stroll on a treadmill.

Walking will help you mind to release some of the pent up energy that your body feels after prolonged stress. Exercise is one of the best ways to to get your muscle to relax, and walking is inexpensive, requires no training and can be done anywhere.

Stress is a killer. Hard on the body and mind, prolonged stress can lead to health issues.

Knowing how to relax not only your body but your mind as well is the best way to combat stress and it’s effects. Following these suggestions or finding one that works best for you to begin to relax and unwind your mind

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