Travel at Home Mission to Support Small Businesses and Farmers

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Travel isn’t exactly a great option right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy treats from your favorite destinations, including your own state!

At Second Season Travel, we’re on a travel at home mission to support small businesses and farmers from all the communities we love, and those we have yet to discover.

Join us on our Travel at Home Mission

One way I’ve found that helps ensure we all thrive is to allocate a portion of our budget each week to local sources.

This practice has a very positive impact for communities. It’s also beneficial for your own well-being in numerous ways including:

  • Buying local produce and treats from favorite destinations helps ensure these small businesses survive. This way, they will still be around when we do get out and about to visit them.
  • Small businesses are greatly impacted by Covid-19 shut-downs, many having to close their doors as they were deemed non-essential businesses. Ordering from their online websites is one way you can help boost their business and help ensure families and communities survive and thrive.
  • Family farms are struggling to find ways to get their good to market with Farmers Market restrictions and dependency on small businesses to carry their artisan creations like sauces, jellies, honey, popcorn and other delightful treats. If your Farmers Market is open for business, it’s easy to social distance and still shop. Do make a point to head out and shop. Your body will absolutely benefit from the fresh produce available!
  • The joy you experience when you are able to make a positive difference in someone’s life is unparalleled.  Spreading kindness goes along way towards improving our own physical, emotional, and mental health.

It’s also a total day brightener to have a specialty item to enjoy and to know you’ve directly supported local economies.

There’s so many things dragging us down these days. We can help lift each other up with this one simple step!

Travel at Home Mission to Support Small Businesses and Farmers

Support Local Farmers, Businesses, and Artisans

The next time you are tempted to order any groceries from a big box retailer, see if other sources may offer comparable products from local businesses.  The bakery near you likely has curb-side service.  You can also find many family-owned bakeries online who deliver direct to your doorstep.

Look for organic and farm-friendly services in your area for produce, meat, bread, dairy, and other food essentials. In Kentucky, we have a service called Green Bean Delivery. Purchases support hundreds of local farmers and artisans, as well as local food banks through their 1:1 Food Donation program.

Every week, Green Bean delivers all the fresh foods I need to feed our family. The rest I supplement by placing orders with our local butcher, bakery and of course, from our own garden.

If you live in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, or Louisville, Green Bean may be a great option for you, too. There’s no subscription required, just access to some amazing food selections from local businesses and farmers.

Travel to Your Favorite Destination by Mail!

My first intentional out-of-state dollars were spent on Povitica from Strawberry Hill Povitica Co in one of my favorite destinations, Kansas City, Kansas.  I truly wish I could visit Kansas right now. Since I cannot, at least I can enjoy a taste of one of my favorite areas at home.

Povitica is a handmade Eastern European pastry is known by many names including Povitica, Kolachi, Strudel, and Poppyroll. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s an absolutely wonderful treat for breakfast, tea time, or dessert!

Travel at Home Mission to Support Small Businesses and Farmers - Povitica

If you are local to the area or have the chance to visit this winter, you’ll also find Povitica served in the Strawberry Hill Museum & Cultural Center tea room, seasonally.

My next stop on my taste and travel at home tour is Coast Roast from the Mississippi Coast area.  After all, I need some great coffee to go with my delicious Povitica!

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