Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

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Do you get tired and listless during the middle of the day and wish you could lie down and take a nap? If so, there are a few quick ways to boost your energy level throughout the day.

Use these ideas to help you find the pep you need to carry out your daily tasks without feeling wiped out:

Get enough sleep at night

The end of each day contains the key to your energy level for the next one.  The importance of sleep is frequently under rated.

When you’re tired, your energy level suffers tremendously. Getting enough sleep at night is crucial for boosting and maintaining a good energy level. Adequate sleep keeps your immune system healthy so your body can ward off illnesses.

According to the Mayo Clinic, adults need 7 – 9 hours of sleep at night. Sleep deprivation also causes problems with your metabolism and increases your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Forgo the television binge watching, alcohol and late night snacks, too.  They are known sleep interrupters.  Instead opt to meditate, read a book or unwind with a craft that keeps your hands busy (and away from the snacks) like knitting.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

Increase your vitamin C intake

Studies show that adding vitamin C enriched foods to your diet via fruits and vegetables can help boost your energy level throughout the day. Vitamin C also helps your body to heal and keeps your cells healthy.

Try having a vegetable-rich smoothie instead of that second or third cup of coffee midday; or choose sliced fruit instead of a sugary snack. Smoothies packed with vitamin C will help give you that added lift during the day and leave your body feeling refreshed and energized.

Pack supplements for your travel so you don’t miss your daily boost.

Take a multi-vitamin supplement

In addition to boosting your vitamin C intake, consider using a multi-vitamin daily, too.  Vitamin deficiencies can cause decreased energy levels. Life is so busy and getting a balanced meal three times a day is a challenge, especially when you are traveling.

Invest in a good multi-vitamin supplement which will ensure getting the vitamins your body might be lacking like vitamin B-12.

B-12 deficiency makes you feel tired and weak. Taking a B-12 supplement sublingually (which means under the tongue) will absorb quickly into your blood stream and, for some people will increase energy levels almost immediately.


Exercising at least three days a week for thirty minutes, gets your body pumping healthy blood to your vital organs, resulting in increased energy levels. It also releases endorphins in your body, which are natural hormones, that cause you to feel good and energetic.

Wake up a little earlier in the morning and take a brisk walk before going to work.  Take a few minutes to do a short yoga session midday to wake up your muscles.  Or use the gym at the office for 30 minutes during your lunch hour to help avoid an afternoon slump.

When you are traveling, schedule your activities so that you are rotating between resting and moving.  For example, schedule a museum visit after lunch so that you are up and walking the calories off rather than sitting through a play and struggling to keep your eyes open.

Review your food choices

Choosing the right kinds of food and snacks during the day is one sure-fire way to boost your energy level.  Enriching your blood with the vitamins, minerals and protein you need will keep you moving.

Carbohydrates keep your body energized whey they metabolize into glucose during digestion and act as fuel for your cells. Choose healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains cereals, oats and brown rice. Buy whole wheat or whole grains breads instead of white and choose whole wheat pastas for a change.

Protein composed of amino acids are the building blocks for your cells. When you don’t have enough protein in your system, your body starts to use muscle tissue which results in weakness and decreased energy levels.

Choose healthy protein sources such as lean meats, chicken or fish. Other sources of protein are fish, cheese nuts and legumes. If you are vegetarian, combining certain foods will give all the essential amino acids needed in your body; the combination of rice and beans is an example.

Sugar can make you sleepy, so try to limit your intake throughout the day.  Not sure how your diet is affecting you?  Keep a journal for a week and note how you feel throughout the day and after each meal.  You’ll quickly see patterns and learn which foods boost your energy and which ones drag you down.

5 Quick Ways To Perk Up

If you’re regularly doing all of the above, but find yourself nodding off during the day, try one of these quick fixes to help boost your energy back up:

  1. Drink Water.  Often we are dehydrated, which easily leads our body to feeling fatigued.  Water refreshes our body and cool water is a great pick-me-up.
  2. Sing a Song.  If you are alone (or at least in a comfortable environment to sing) – sing a song to wake yourself up.  Singing is a natural stress reliever and upbeat tunes, especially, can really make us smile and feel energized.
  3. Sniff some Peppermint.  Peppermint is one of the scents that naturally awakens our senses and makes us feel more alert.  You can find peppermint essential oils in portable containers to carry with you when you travel.  Carry peppermints with you, if you prefer, and pop one in to freshen your breath and awaken your mind.
  4. Find the Sunshine.  Step outside and soak up a few minutes of sun.  Sunlight naturally stimulates our senses and tells our body that it’s time to be alert and awake.
  5. Stretch.  If you can, stand up or walk around a little.  Moving our bodies starts our circulation, waking us from the inside out.  If you can’t stand up, stretch a bit as comfortably as you can.  Any movement will help encourage your body to wake up a bit.

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