How Humor Keeps You Healthy

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Humor has a way of helping people live a healthier and more meaningful life. In particular, humor can help reduce stress and make you feel genuinely happier.

Right now, we could all use a little more laughter!

One of the refreshing things about travel is the experience generally makes you smile. You lighten up. The laughter flows more freely.

It’s tougher to find the humor in day to day life, especially if we are in a stressful situation, but it’s even more critical to do so during these times.

Do you think of yourself as a happy person, or do you mask your outward appearance of being happy for others? Chances are you will find that genuine humor can make all the difference with your outlook on life. Humor even provides some health perks that can change your physical well-being as well.

What is humor? It is anything that brings pleasure and good feelings. It is anything that makes you smile, laugh, or feel amused.

How Humor Keeps You Healthy

Humor Can Reduce Stress

We live in a stressful world. Most people are busy from the time they get out of bed until they turn the light off at nighttime. We run to work where we face stress, deal with the children and spouses, keep up with bills and health issues. Stress can often get the best of us and cause us a lot of problems with our health.

We all want to reduce the stress in our lives, but did you know there is an easy way to do it? Humor is a certain way to healthy living, and a daily dose of humor is not only free, but can help ease and reduce some of that stress.

Try these tips when you are feeling stressed:

  • Tell someone a joke
  • Pick up a newspaper and read the daily cartoons
  • Find a hobby that makes you smile
  • Watch a funny video or television show
  • Think of a time when you couldn’t stop laughing. Share that story and relive the moment!

Humor Is Healthy

Why is humor so healthy? When you think about it, it does make sense. You can take pills for your health and eat healthy foods and exercise. Just because you do those things doesn’t mean you are happy—and being happy is important.

Your emotions make a huge difference in the way you feel overall. That is why you need to inject a little humor into your life. A good laugh or chuckle can actually lower your heart rate and blood pressure naturally, and no medicine can do that. You have probably heard the old saying that “humor is the best medicine.” There is a lot of truth in that small statement.

There are several health benefits of humor. Interestingly enough, when you have a great sense of humor and indulge in a good laugh or two during the day, you are helping increase your overall health. It can easily reduce the stress you are feeling and can improve your circulation.

Laughing can also ease tension. Imagine that your shoulders hurt from being tense all day. When you laugh, you allow those muscles to relax, leading to a good feeling. Did you also know that when you laugh, it exercises your neck and facial muscles and can relax your diaphragm? Bet you didn’t know that humor held that much health benefit.

Ways to Add Humor to Your Life

Getting your daily chuckle isn’t hard. Of course, there are many people who inherently have a better sense of humor than others. For those of us who don’t laugh on the drop of a dime:

  • Look for a comedy show to watch online
  • Buy a “joke a day” daily calendar
  • Read a joke book and learn a new one every day
  • Rent the latest comedy film (and make an at-home date night out of it!)

Take the time to find new ways to get a good laugh in every day and you will benefit in the long run. You may even notice that your display of laughter and happiness is contagious. Others will want to share in your delight, which is an added benefit of humor.

Laughing is good for you and it is one thing that won’t take you a lot of time or money. Get in the habit of laughing each day, and you will see your spirits soar.

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