Haunted Castles of Ireland

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Tour Ireland’s most haunted castles for an unforgettable experience with the supernatural side of European history. Many of its most haunted historical sites are open to the public.

From lost souls to friendly poltergeists, Ireland’s history of haunted places intrigues visitors. Tales of tragedies, dark deeds, and terrible crimes darken many castle halls. Many locations with a reputation for paranormal encounters welcome visitors to explore their stories firsthand.

Public tours, private accommodations, and dining halls are among the many hospitality offered. Guests or visitors get a chance to see Ireland’s most beautiful landmarks up close. And possibly a chance to encounter a ghostly presence or two!

Haunted Castles of Ireland

Castle Leslie

Open for public tours and accommodations, Castle Leslie is one of Ireland’s most beautiful, and most haunted sites. Visitors to the castle have encountered the spirit of one of the Leslie family’s ancestors. The family itself experiences poltergeist activities, such as malfunctioning appliances, shadowy figures, and bits of debris tossed playfully at them by unseen hands.

Despite the presence of this seemingly-friendly poltergeist, the beautiful grounds and majestic appearance of Castle Leslie attracts both eager tourists and ghost story fans alike. Elegant tapestries and ancient stonework create a spacious manor straight from the pages of “The Secret Garden”.

Glin Castle

Still playing host to a Knight of Glin, this majestic castle is open to the public for occasional tour. It’s also available for group bookings. The castle boasts excellent dining and beautiful grounds, along with a reputation for ghosts.

Haunted by a young workman’s tragic accidental death, a poltergeist presence makes itself known in the halls of Glin. Rattling doors and furnishings, strange nocturnal thumps, and the knight’s own encounter with a ghostly frayed rope which appeared hanging from the ceiling are just a few of the strange, inexplicable events within the castle’s walls.

Leap Castle

Perhaps Ireland’s most haunted castle, Leap possesses a sinister reputation for chilling ghost sightings and dark tragedies. The scene of more than one horrific crime, Leap Castle is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a priest murdered by his brother; and the souls of unfortunate victims found impaled on the spike of the oubliette, or hidden family dungeon. The manifestation of the “elemental” or “It”, a horrific corpse-like primitive ghost, is among the strange hauntings at Leap.

Dating from the 14th century, the castle and its grounds are open for public tour. No accommodations are available, however. No guests lodge within haunted halls.

Dunluce Castle

Open year round for daily tours and guided tours, the site of Dunluce is an uninhabited castle of ruins on the edge of the coast. History describes the sudden and tragic deterioration of the castle. One section crumbling into the sea along with the staff present in the room. The site is said to be haunted by the former constable of the castle and the spector of a “white lady”.

Many other haunted Irish castles and sites are open to the public. Several travel sites and guidebooks provide complete lists of castles, tours, and prices. Many castles also host their own websites, listing prices for nightly accommodations and information for booking weekends or events. From weddings and reunions to an afternoon of fun, visitors can rediscover the dark secrets behind Ireland’s most haunted homes.

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