Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

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When is the last time you discovered a new restaurant, shop, or attraction in your area? We often walk or drive through our own neighborhood and neglect to appreciate our surroundings. There’s a ton of joy to be found by being a tourist in your own hometown!

Travel is not a feasible option right now for many. So why not try and be a tourist for a day in your hometown? You can capture the excitement of travel by discovering or re-discovering hot spots and seeing your area from a new point of view.

If you live in a big city regularly visited by tourists from abroad or interstate, checking out the popular tourist destinations in your home town might be the best way to go. You never know what new and interesting information you will pick up along the way, people you’ll meet or places you will discover.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

New discoveries

Many people are not aware of the hidden treasures their own town or city has to offer. Why travel away from home, when you can have just as much fun visiting many of the hot spots of our own city.

There are plenty of parks, hiking trails, art installations, and other outdoor attractions for tourists. Check out your local zoo, find a restaurant with patio seating and have and impromptu lunch, or pull out your camera and look for interesting architecture and other interesting sites that catch your eye. Check out your local tourist center for information on tours that are running or suggestions for places and road side stops to visit.

Enjoy being a tourist at little or no cost

Travelling can and does get expensive. However, just because you’re short of funds doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some sightseeing and discover new attractions. The great thing about wandering your own city is that you can visit places you wouldn’t normally see.

The cost is lower due to the short distance to travel, usually you can catch a bus or ride your bike. Many museums offer free days and there are local parks where you can take a stroll or enjoy a picnic with the family.

You can be a guide

If you know what is available in your own city, you can help other tourists if they ask.  You’ll also be a better guide when family or friends come to visit. The more you know the more interesting experience it will be for both you and your guests. It’s always good to know the ins and outs, you never know when the information is going to come to good use.

Huge savings

While there may be a large financial saving by wandering around your own city, you are also helping the environment. There’s no need to fly or drive anywhere. Instead you can walk or use public transport. The other thing you’re saving is time. That is something most of us have very little of due to the strains of everyday life, like work, keeping a household, study and raising a family.

It’s much easier to pop out for a few hours or a full day and wander around your own town than if you were travelling a longer distance.

Economical growth

Tourists usually help the economy of the city they visit. In difficult times, why not help your own city but being a tourist for a day. The money you spend is going to help your local economy. When tourist season is low, or times are tough, this is important and very helpful.

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