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Barb Webb is a sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s following the road less traveled, writing about country living and artisan culture. Travel specialties are: Agritourism and Second Season of Life (over 50) Adventures.

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5 Safety Tips for Yoga Class

Traveling inspires us to try new adventures. Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in a hot yoga class in Woodstock, Georgia. It was a wonderful, rewarding experience but also one that gave me pause. I was concerned if there were any safety tips for yoga class that I should know. Indeed, there are […]


10 Essentials You Should Have in Your Winter Driving Emergency Kit

With snow draped mountains and valleys winter is a beautiful wonderland. Winter can also be a time of icy roads, slushy driving conditions, and blackouts in isolated areas. It’s important to keep your vehicle winter ready before the cold season hits, including putting together a winter driving emergency kit. Being prepared in case of an […]


8 Things You Need to Know to Prepare Your Car for a Winter Road Trip

Making it ‘over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house’, in cold or snowy weather can be a challenge. If the car you are driving is ill prepared for the winter months, your winter road trip may turn out to be more than challenging, but down right dangerous. Broken down, cold and stranded […]


9 Things You Need To Know About Traveling to Europe

Few occasions bring as much thrill as planning a vacation. If your dreams include traveling to Europe, now is the time to start planning! Planning and purchasing your vacation early has advantages not only because you may get a better deal, but also because having a vacation planned is an instant mood booster. Bad days […]


Best Gifts for Travel Lovers | 2019 Second Season Travel Holiday Guide

‘Tis the season to holiday travel! Whether you are heading home for the holidays or planning a family vacation, this is a delightful time to celebrate. To help you out, we’ve gathered up the best gifts for travel lovers to fuel your wanderlust all year long. These are all terrific gifts for anyone on your […]


Floor by Floor Guide to the Eiffel Tower

Stretching upward over a thousand feet, the Eiffel Tower is much more than just the view from the top. Each of its four different floors offers a distinctly different way to see Paris. Many think of the Eiffel Tower as an experience where one gets on an elevator, goes to the top to see the […]