4 Smart Tips for Planning Your Camping Trip

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With summertime finally emerging, it’s time again for wonderful family camping trips! The success of a camping trip is dependent upon planning and preparedness.

Whether this is your very first camping trip, or just the first one this season, following proper planning tips can ensure that your trip be as fun and relaxing as it was meant to be.

4 Smart Tips for Planning Your Camping Trip

Make lists

As elementary as this may sound, it can be one of the most important steps in planning your trip. Many people don’t want to take the time to make lists, and eventually they realize that they have forgotten something really important.

Lists don’t have to be elaborate, just all-inclusive. One of the benefits to list making is the visual aspect. Not only does list-making assist you with remembering items and to-do tasks, it also helps you to visualize what you’re bringing. A list can be used as an organization tool, as well. Putting items and tasks into columns can help you in deciding what are priorities and what are not.

Consider your payment options

If you are able to, book your camp site ahead of time electronically or over the phone.  Some locations only accept cash on site.

When camping, cash is the best way to go.  Many campground locations will not accept any other form of payment.  Although it isn’t wise to carry more cash than you might need, being prepared for the worst case is always smart.  Use a money belt to help safeguard your cash while you travel and plan for regular visits to local ATM’s during your trip so you do not have to carry as much.

Replenish your first aid kit

Be sure you have plenty of bandages, bug spray, bottled water, and antiseptic spray or ointment on hand. Pain medications, allergy medications, and anti-nausea medications should be included as well, along with any prescription medications.

Sunscreen is also important to include in your first aid kit along with a sunburn relief spray (just in case!)  We’ve also found that having hydrogen peroxide or a “swimmer’s ear” water removal product on hand can be very helpful to have, as well.

If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, be sure to turn down air conditioners, turn off lights and fans, and lock up. You might consider notifying your local law enforcement or a neighbor so that they can keep an eye on your home while you are gone, too.

Think ahead

Imagine yourself at the camping facility. Think about any issues you might encounter including the invasion of animals, weather, and even illnesses. Pack food in airtight containers, and do not bring items that will perish in the heat unless you have a sure-fire way of keeping them cool. Food poisoning tends to put a total damper on a camping trip.

Bring animal-proof containers for food and trash. Pack extra tarps, tie-downs, and rain gear in case you experience bad weather. Plan your route to the nearest emergency medical facility in case of illness or injury.

Planning and list-making really makes a difference in the success of your camping trip. Following these smart and easy tips can greatly improve your chances of having a truly enjoyable experience.

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