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11 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood When You’re Having a Bad Day

6 days ago

We have times when we are simply feeling blue.  There may be good reasons for our melancholy mood or we might find ourselves in a funk just because. Whatever the cause, if you find you need to boost your mood and bring a little sunshine back into your life, try these quick and easy ideas: […]


Should You Be a Sun Seeker?

1 week ago

With all the warnings out there today about the harmful effects of UV rays and too much sunlight, you may feel tempted to cover yourself from head-to-toe.  Or hide away inside, where that bright yellow orb in the sky cannot reach you with its dangerous rays.  It’s true, being a sun seeker can be a […]


Solo Travel, Is It For You?

4 weeks ago

There are many pros and cons of travelling alone. Some people do not feel comfortable in travelling any substantial distance alone. Others have to do a significant amount of travelling alone because of business commitments. There are also people who positively enjoy the freedoms of solo travel. There is good and bad in most things, […]


Buying A Digital Camera – Considering Camera Types

1 month ago

There are so many good cameras available, which one do you choose?  One of the key factors, when buying a new digital camera, is deciding which type of camera is right for you and your budget.  Each camera type has its pros, cons and considerations. Do you want to take snaps for the family album […]


Girlfriend Getaways: Strengthen Your Friendship

1 month ago

Girlfriend Getaways are extremely popular.  For that reason we two Second Season Travelers are more-than-willing participants! Accepting an invitation from the state of Kansas for a girlfriends getaway to Kansas City, Bonner Springs and Leavenworth, we knew we would surely enjoy the excursion but could also have the opportunity to strengthen our friendship. We were […]