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10 Tips for Getting Through a Long Flight

3 weeks ago

Most times when you face a long flight, the chances are that you’re going on vacation. There is excitement at the prospect of seeing a new country and your brain is swirling with thoughts of all the great things that you’re going to see and do. Unfortunately, until such time as mankind perfects a Star […]


5 Ways to Make Travel Planning Less Stressful

3 weeks ago

You love the idea of traveling but sometimes the stress of travel planning can be overwhelming.  As you begin making your list of everything you need to do and everyone you need to notify – employers, pet sitters, house cleaners and so on – the experience can quickly become daunting, to say the least. Fret […]


Reliving Our Wonder Years at the Carolina Opry

1 month ago

Music influences our lives in magical ways.   Songs have the power to evoke emotional responses or even trigger memories, bringing us right back to a moment, most often a moment in time we truly treasure.  Enjoying the “Time Warp” show at the Carolina Opry Theater in Myrtle Beach did just that.  We were zapped right […]


6 Tips for Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

2 months ago

Common among us is the drive to find life purpose. Every personal development plan can benefit from activities designed to uncover and clarify life purpose. The purpose driven life, we are told, is worth seeking.  Numerous research studies indicate that those with meaning and purpose in their lives are generally happier.  They are more productive, […]


Island Travel and Packing Tips for Women

2 months ago

Planning a sunny getaway? Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the spring and summer holidays – what to bring, how to pack, and what you can do to enjoy a stress-free vacation. When it comes to travel essentials, every woman is different – but here are some top ideas to get […]


Photos and Fun Facts from Paris to Inspire Your Wanderlust

2 months ago

Throughout my life, I always heard Paris, France referenced as the “city of love.”  Indeed, it is a spectacular backdrop for romantic strolls and dinner dates, but the concept of “Paris is for lovers” certainly limits the city.  An undue limitation this vibrant spot doesn’t deserve. Paris is for everyone! Whether you are a history […]