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Floor by Floor Guide to the Eiffel Tower

5 days ago

Stretching upward over a thousand feet, the Eiffel Tower is much more than just the view from the top. Each of its four different floors offers a distinctly different way to see Paris. Many think of the Eiffel Tower as an experience where one gets on an elevator, goes to the top to see the […]


Quick Guide to Food and Wine Pairing

3 weeks ago

Gourmet food and wine tastings are popular with tourists for good reason – they’re a fun, delicious way to experience local foods and wines. Good food and wine are no longer inaccessible and they have taken celebrations of any occasion to a whole new level. With a little understanding of the basic rules of food […]


Kentucky’s Hidden Retreat: Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

1 month ago

Slow travel is a current catch phrase that’s gaining popularity among tourists. This mindset encourages us to deviate from the traditional “hurry up and see everything” trip to a more relaxed pace of savoring our experiences. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Kentucky epitomizes the essence of slow travel, gifting you the opportunity rest, recharge and […]


Trying Bikram Yoga in Woodstock Georgia

1 month ago

Do you find that travel makes you more adventurous?  I often notice that I’m far more willing to try things out of my comfort zone when I’m traveling, like Bikram Yoga. While some things, like anything to do with heights such as zip-lining, are still not going to make it to my list of must-try, […]


5 Tips To Help You Stay Cool In Dry Heat

2 months ago

The first signs of fall are here and you may already be planning your winter vacation.   While it’s great to escape to a warmer destination, you may easily find yourself contending with how to stay cool in dry heat conditions. If you are not prepared for it, dry heat can really take a toll on […]


Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

2 months ago

Do you get tired and listless during the middle of the day and wish you could lie down and take a nap? If so, there are a few quick ways to boost your energy level throughout the day. Use these ideas to help you find the pep you need to carry out your daily tasks […]