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Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

1 day ago

Do you get tired and listless during the middle of the day and wish you could lie down and take a nap? If so, there are a few quick ways to boost your energy level throughout the day. Use these ideas to help you find the pep you need to carry out your daily tasks […]


Sanity-Saving Tips for Dealing With Flight Delays

2 weeks ago

Chances are, if you’ve booked a flight more than once, you’ve been plagued by “flight delays syndrome”. Postponed or tardy flights are frustrating, especially if you have a connecting flight to catch in another airport or if you are in a rush to reach your destination. Delayed flights happen for a variety of reasons. Most […]


Add Joy to Your Atlanta Georgia Visit with these Must-See Attractions

2 weeks ago

Known for its urban portrayal of traditional southern hospitality, Atlanta Georgia is rich with attractions just waiting to be explored. From hosting the 1996 Olympics to greeting people from all over the world in one of the largest international airports, Atlanta has become an icon for welcoming tourists from all around the world. After living […]


3 Ways To Unwind Your Mind

3 weeks ago

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, we find ourselves rushing all the time. It seems there is never enough time for everything. Our mind races just trying to keep up with what’s on our to-do list.  Add a little travel into that mix and you may find that your mind is on overload! […]


11 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood When You’re Having a Bad Day

1 month ago

We have times when we are simply feeling blue.  There may be good reasons for our melancholy mood or we might find ourselves in a funk just because. Whatever the cause, if you find you need to boost your mood and bring a little sunshine back into your life, try these quick and easy ideas: […]


Should You Be a Sun Seeker?

1 month ago

With all the warnings out there today about the harmful effects of UV rays and too much sunlight, you may feel tempted to cover yourself from head-to-toe.  Or hide away inside, where that bright yellow orb in the sky cannot reach you with its dangerous rays.  It’s true, being a sun seeker can be a […]