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Haunted Castles of Ireland

3 months ago

Tour Ireland’s most haunted castles for an unforgettable experience with the supernatural side of European history. Many of its most haunted historical sites are open to the public. From lost souls to friendly poltergeists, Ireland’s history of haunted places intrigues visitors. Tales of tragedies, dark deeds, and terrible crimes darken many castle halls. Many locations with […]

Dentures Traveling Tips

New Dentures Traveling Tips

5 months ago

New dentures take time to adjust to wearing them. Likewise, traveling away from home may cause new concerns. Worries arise around dentures staying in place while eating food, long days, visiting new places, talking to new people and interviewing. However, relief of worry comes from: Getting good fitting dentures Experimenting and finding adhesive that works […]


Is Your Destination Senior Friendly?

5 months ago

Planning a vacation can be both exciting and overwhelming. For the senior traveler, understanding what you are signing up for when you plan your trip is of utmost importance. Is your destination senior friendly? Ask this upfront before any other decisions are made. The answer can make or break your vacation plans. Avoiding Cancun at […]


Common Myths About Bed and Breakfasts

7 months ago

Did you know Bed and Breakfasts were once the only option for travelers in America? Surprisingly, today, many people are misinformed when it comes to Bed and Breakfasts (also commonly known as B&B’s). A businessman in the 1800’s would travel to the city and stay at a small B&B. Here he would have a comfortable […]


6 Classic Beach Movies for Summer Nights

7 months ago

When the sun goes down and stars (and mosquitos) come out, there’s only one thing to do – retreat to your house for a fun movie night! Summer nights are the perfect time to watch classic beach movies. The majestic ocean, golden sand, blistering sun and great movies. These are all things that define a […]


Discover the Past and Present of Fayetteville North Carolina

8 months ago

Fayetteville, North Carolina is a city rich in history with the support of an interactive community. Their history helps them be the city they are today. A city that embraces change and the desire for tolerance and acceptance for each individual’s mindsets and lifestyles. Discovering the past and present of Fayetteville North Carolina during our […]


Six Smart Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

9 months ago

Do you get tired and listless during the middle of the day while traveling and wish you could lie down and take a nap? If so, there are ways to boost your energy levels that will give you the pep needed to enjoy your trip without feeling wiped out. Choosing the right kinds of food […]


Souvenirs! Creating Family Fun Around Places You Visit

1 year ago

Souvenirs, Are They Tokens or Gifts? Souvenirs! They sure are fun to buy for ourselves and those that await our arrival back home. It was after my trip to Kansas that gave me a whole new insight about souvenirs. This time I had second thoughts about souvenirs when no one was excited about them. I […]


Taste and Travel at Home Tour: Woodstock Georgia

1 year ago

The next stop on the Second Season Travel Taste and Travel at Home Tour is Woodstock, Georgia! Travel isn’t exactly a great option right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy treats from your favorite destinations, including your own state. At Second Season Travel, we’re on a travel at home mission to support small businesses […]