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5 Clever Ways to Display Your Vacation In Your Home Decor

4 days ago

Traveling and vacations are full of memories to cherish. Displaying your vacation in your home decor afterward can help enhance the experience, allowing you to continue enjoying the experience long after the trip has ended. Most commonly, we take photos and videos on our trips, but they are not always effectively managed when we get […]


5 TED Talks on Aging That Will Inspire You To Live Life on Your Own Terms

5 days ago

Losing my sense of purpose is one of the unexpected things that started happening to me after my youngest son got his driver’s license. I had to begin facing the reality that I was no longer a “mom” in the nurturing, traditional sense of the word that I’d known for thirty years of my life. […]


9 Smart Ways To Save Money on Vacations

1 week ago

Do you shop around when you plan your travel?  This seems like “old hat” information to save money on vacations, but surprisingly many people still do not bargain shop for tickets, hotels or car rentals. Often, it’s because you rely on your favorite travel comparison website, such as Travelocity, to do the work for you.  […]


10 Tips for Comfortable Long Haul Flights

2 weeks ago

The first time I boarded a flight for an overseas destination, I had no idea what to expect.  Admittedly, I was a bit worried.  Red-eye flights from the West Coast were tough enough for me to recover from.  I had no idea how to have comfortable long haul flights. While I probably made every rookie […]


3 Days in Switzerland

2 weeks ago

What do you do when you have limited time to visit a bucket list location? When I had the chance to visit Switzerland for three days, I initially balked at the short window of time. I couldn’t envision how we could possibly truly experience the culture with only seventy-two hours to spare. I wasn’t just […]


6 Ways To Avoid Travel Fatigue

2 weeks ago

Whether done at home or abroad travel is stressful.  The debilitating effects of travel fatigue afflicts travelers of all ages, but you can avoid it by preparing for it ahead of time. Use these steps to avoid travel fatigue and reduce stress levels to ensure a truly joyful vacation experience! Organize Early To avoid any […]


11 Must-Pack Items For A Cruise

3 weeks ago

It’s no secret – I love cruises! There’s something about having the whole moving hotel/ amusement park/casino/nightclub in the same place that just appeals to me. It’s like every vacation you ever wanted to have rolled up into one. You can party your heart out, relax, or both. The great thing about cruises is that […]