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4 Great Reasons You Should Take a Hike

3 days ago

Taking a hike is one of the easiest, low cost and most accessible activities you can find at home or while traveling.  It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy and one that has many positive health benefits. What’s holding you back from hiking?  Trails for all skills levels from newbie to expert are available […]


5 Tips for Planning Multigeneration Family Vacations

4 days ago

Multigeneration Travel is a hot vacation trend in the travel industry. Described as the “top travel trend of 2018” by the Virtuoso Luxe Report, this concept is actually nothing new.  People have been enjoying multigeneration family vacations since the mainstream adoption of holiday breaks. While it can be a wonderful way for the family to […]


6 Tips For Avoiding Online Travel Accommodation Scams

1 week ago

Travel accommodations are as much a part of travel as your method of transportation. Whether your flight was botched or your accommodation was not what you expected, complications in either area can quickly ruin the whole trip. With the expansion of travel companies, the Internet now provides a do-it-yourself approach for every day people to […]


Zookeeper for the day at Brookgreen Gardens

3 weeks ago

Have you ever wondered what it would like to zookeeper? As a rescue pet mom and a farmer, I have the joy of working with animals daily.  I can only imagine how fun it would be to have a full-time career working with a zoo full of animals big and small, from all types of […]


5 Smart Tips to Help You Pack Light for Your Vacation

3 weeks ago

With airline baggage requirements becoming more and more restrictive, the need for smart packing is essential. Your carry-on bags are limited in quantity, weight and size, and if you go over any of these numbers, you will likely pay a bundle in extra fees. To start your vacation off right, it’s key to pack light! […]


Isn’t It About Time You Cruised?

1 month ago

Got a vacation wish list? As a single traveler, you may not have anything planned — except maybe the required appearance at an upcoming family reunion. Of course,  it’s always fun to think about where you really want to go and how to get there. Like on a cruise. It turns out that the vast […]